No More Sparks Flying

When to Consider an Electric Panel Upgrade

For many homeowners, the electric panel is not something they think about. As long as the lights come on and all appliance sockets are functional, they can carry on with their business. However, like every residential electrical system, the electrical panel requires an upgrade after it serves you for a given period.

An electric panel upgrade is an important home improvement project because this is how you ensure your home and main power line are connected. If this panel is faulty, your home remains vulnerable to potential electrical hazards. Here are signs your home needs an electric panel replacement.

A Burning Smell Emanating from the Electric Panel

The electric panel producing a burning smell is a huge concern that should be addressed immediately. This could be because the panel's circuit breaker is faulty, and the panel can no longer regulate the electricity supplied to your home.

Since the electric panel is your electric system's main defense from power surges, its circuit breaker should always be in top condition. If not, a power surge can damage your electronics or even cause an electric fire at your residence.

When you notice the smell of plastic or wood burning around the electric panel, make an emergency call to your electrician. They will recommend what you can do as you wait for them to drive down to your house and assess the situation to determine a suitable panel upgrade.  

Flickering Lights

Another instance where you would need to contact an electrical service upgrade is if you notice that your light bulbs are not steady. Flickering lights are indicative of a deeper electrical issue that cannot be fixed by replacing the bulbs.

It could be that the lights flicker when you activate a home appliance that consumes a lot of energy during operation like a refrigerator or the HVAC unit. This is a sign that your home's electrical panel wasn't built to accommodate high-wattage appliances.

Getting an electric panel upgrade ensures that you don't push the current panel beyond its voltage capacity. Contact your electrician for a timely upgrade before your appliances sustain electrical damage.

Constant Circuit Breakers Trips

Every residential wiring system needs a circuit breaker to protect the house from the effects of power surges. When there is a voltage overload, the circuit trips to ensure your home appliances don't sustain electrical damage. While your circuit breaker tripping is a normal phenomenon, when electrical interruptions happen too often, you might want to call your electrician to inspect the electric panel. 

The circuit breaker might be overloaded and unable to protect your electrical system as it should. Replacing the whole electrical panel instead of constantly resetting the circuit breaker is the best course of action in this case.

If you notice any of the signs discussed above, ensure you contact your electrician immediately. Consult with a professional to determine a suitable electrical panel upgrade for your residence.