No More Sparks Flying

Why Your School District Should Upgrade Its Campus Lighting

Are you in charge of overseeing the condition of your school district's local campus? You likely have a lot of things to keep track of when it comes to building maintenance and repair. While a regular inspection for things like your electrical system is important, don't forget to keep an eye on the actual lights across the campus that are illuminating your school both inside the building and out. Here's why it might be a good idea to talk to a local electrician about upgrading your school's lighting system today.

Save Money By Switching to Energy-Efficient Lights

If it has been decades since you have dipped into the school budget to upgrade your lighting across campus, you might be using old fixtures that are not energy-efficient. It is true that a significant upgrade to your school lighting will cost more upfront, but this modern update could also dramatically lower your district's energy bill for the following months. As the months and years go by, you will eventually recoup the cost of the installation and set your district up for lower energy expenses for the future.

Keep Your School Safe No Matter Where You Go on Campus 

A darkened hallway or dim outdoor campus might make students hesitant about sticking around on campus after a certain time. When you have better lighting with top-notch illumination installed, it will create a safer atmosphere for everyone on your campus. Get rid of those darkened hallways with flickering lights that look like they belong in a horror movie; upgrade your school's athletic field and surrounding area to create a safe space where parents and students will feel comfortable about coming out to cheer for their team.

Give Your School a More Modern and Professional Appearance

Do you run a private school district that charges tuition? If so, you already know that your students have other choices but are choosing to come to you for their education. If you want to keep up with other private schools in the area or even the local public school, you will need to look the part. Upgrading to brighter lights or lights that offer a white glow instead of a yellow tint will lend a more modern appearance to your campus. Eliminating any trouble areas with bad lighting will prevent any potential students from choosing another private school. 

For more information on installing a new school lighting system, contact an electrician in your area.