No More Sparks Flying

3 Electrical Upgrades Ideal For Home Poker Rooms

A poker room is an ideal place to hang out, play cards, and socialize with friends. Make the most out of the room with some electrical upgrades specifically catered to playing poker. The upgrades will make poker night easy to host and can ensure everything goes smoothly and comfortably when you play this game with your friends.

1. Recessed Lighting

Lighting is a key element for a poker room so everyone can clearly see their chips and cards. Electrical contractors can install recessed lighting in the ceiling of a poker room to provide the space with plenty of illumination. The recessed lights will be spread across a room to eliminate harsh shadows and create bright visuals while you play.

If the room is large, then an electrician may zone specific areas so you have control over all the lights. For example, you could leave the lights on over the poker table and dim the lights in the rest of the room. You could even have an extra light shine on a snack table if you want as well.

2. Ceiling Fan Wiring

When a group of people crowd around a table, the room can easily feel stuffy and warm. Create some airflow with the installation of a ceiling fan. An electrical contractor can wire an open space for a ceiling fan and place it anywhere within your poker room.

If you choose a ceiling fan with lights on it, then you may choose to have the ceiling fan placed directly over the center of the poker table. The airflow works for all four seasons of the year and can really make a difference for the room. A high fan will also prevent the breeze from blowing on cards and impacting the integrity of the game.

3. USB Outlet Installations

Every person who attends poker night will typically have a device with them. Instead of dealing with low batteries and outlet fights, consider installing outlets with built-in USB ports. The USB ports provide easy ways to charge devices without taking up a whole outlet plug. You can easily plug in items like phones and tablets.

Simply just place a small end table near the USB outlet installations. You could consider the installations on each side of the room so players do not need to run around the table to access their devices.

Visualize your poker room and the habits of players to make the best decisions on electrical upgrades. Just a few changes can make a difference on the way you enjoy and play poker with friends. To learn more, contact an electrical contractor.