No More Sparks Flying

Make Your Garage More Usable By Hiring An Electrician

A garage is an ideal place to park your vehicles and store your belongings. However, you may know that this space has the potential to provide more satisfaction and functionality. Hiring an electrician will help you work on several projects to make a clear impact on garage usability.

Electric Vehicle Charger

Even if you live in a city with convenient electric vehicle charging locations, you may hesitate to buy an electric car of your own. Installing one of these chargers in your garage will allow you to come home and charge an electric vehicle to use later or the next day.

Shopping for a new car is something you may plan on doing soon. So, installing an electric car charger will help you commit to buying an electric vehicle to use this new feature regularly.


If your family is quite large, you may notice your refrigerator and freezer filling up often, especially when you like to take advantage of grocery store sales. Inviting friends and relatives over regularly can also contribute to running out of space because you need even more food.

An excellent solution is to install an additional refrigerator and freezer in your garage. You can then put your extra stock of cold and frozen goods in the garage until you need them. Installing them close to the door between your house and the garage will allow for quick and easy access.

While working in the garage, you may get dirty enough that the first thing you want to do after stepping inside the house is take a shower. Since you need to eat while working in the garage for a long time, you can install a microwave in the garage. Adding this appliance will help you satisfy your hunger with a microwave burrito or personal dinner without going into the house.


A lack of light can make it tough to work on projects throughout your garage. For instance, working on your vehicle requires bright lighting to avoid getting hurt and making mistakes.

Adding high-wattage overhead lights will illuminate the garage well. Installing one or two of these light fixtures directly over where you work on your car will give you the light you need. Then, you can task lighting around your garage workstation to help you work on other projects.

Hiring an electrician is the right choice to make your garage more usable. If you have questions about these updates, speak to a residential electrician.