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4 Upgrades An Electrician Can Make To Your Old Home

Electrical standards constantly change over time, working to ensure your overall safety. If you have an older home that is more than a few decades old, there is a good chance that you have some electrical outlets and wiring that is going to need to be upgraded. There are many different ways that an electrician can upgrade your home.

1. Restore Power to Dead Outlets

With an older home, there is a chance that there are outlets in your home that may not work. If you have any outlets that are not working and don't have power, you don't want just to leave those outlets alone. You want to fix the issue with the outlet, as having dead outlets is not safe.

2. Upgrade Electrical Panels

If you have an older electrical panel, you are going to want to upgrade it. If the panel is more than a few decades old, you will want to install a newer panel designed to handle all of the electrical load that a modern house requires. A modern house uses a lot more electricity than a house did even a few decades ago, with all the electronic devices that people are using and charging all the time.

3. Add New Outlets

Next, you may need more outlets than you already have in your home. An electrician will add new outlets to your home and ensure that the outlets are connected to the suitable circuit breaker that corresponds to the correct room in your home. If necessary, they will add new breakers to your electrical panel box.

4. Install New Lighting

As you upgrade the electrical outlets in your home, you may find that you want to upgrade the light fixtures as well. Light fixtures can be very trendy, and they can easily look outdated and age your home. If you want to add new lighting, an electrician can change out your light fixtures. They can add or remove ceiling fans. They can add dimmable lights and add recessed lights to your home as well. You can upgrade your lights or add more lights to your home.

5. Add Surge Protection

It is wise to use surge protectors on your individual outlets. It is also smart to add whole-house surge protection to your home. This can help to safeguard both your appliances and your devices. Whole house surge protection is a newer system designed to protect your home against a surge that could cause your electrical system to catch fire.

If you have an older home, you will want to work with an electrician to upgrade the electrical systems. They can restore power to dead outlets, upgrade your electrical panel, add new outlets, install new lights, and add surge protection to your home. Contact an electrician for more information.