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4 Common Solar Panel Problems You Should Know

Home solar energy is becoming increasingly popular, and solar panels have become relatively easy to buy, but they can still fail. Most failures are minor, but they can worsen if you fail to address them on time. If you have no idea how to fix solar panel problems, your solar installer or company can assist you with that.

Here are some common home solar problems you are likely to encounter.

1. Inverter Failure

A solar panel inverter converts direct current into alternating current electricity. If the home solar system is not working right, your solar inverters probably have a problem. Inverter failures can cause your solar system to shut down completely or reduce your solar output. Inverter failures can be fixed by minor repairs or getting a solar inverter replacement. 

Inverters are one of the most commonly replaced solar parts. So it is better to protect yourself from early solar panel failure by getting solar inverter replacements ahead of time. Replacing inverters is cheaper than replacing the entire solar system.

2. Low Power Output

If home solar panels are not producing as much solar energy as they should, then you'll need a specialist to get them back up to their capacity. Dirty or damaged panels are the major causes of low power output. Other causes include shoddy wiring and installations.

Always keep an eye out for your system's production capacity and ensure that it doesn't drop to the required level. If it does, call your solar company to address the issue. 

3. Dirty or Cracked Panels

The more these panels are exposed to dirt and debris, the more likely they will get damaged or develop extreme solar panel degradation. If you don't clean them regularly, you'll likely have to replace solar panels sooner than expected. 

Low solar panel efficiency can be caused by cracked solar cells, solar panel degradation, and dirt accumulation. To get home solar panels up and running again, you need to clean or replace them.

4. Unexpected Shutdowns

If home solar panels suddenly stop producing solar energy, then it is likely that there's an issue with solar panel wiring. Bad installations and manufacturing defects can also contribute to unexpected shutdowns. 

Sometimes your inverter might get a high voltage causing it to shut down unexpectedly. If the shutdowns keep on happening, you should call your solar installer to diagnose the problem. 

Final Thoughts

Home solar energy is definitely worth investing in. However, solar panel problems can still occur during the solar system's lifetime. If any of the above problems happen, call your solar company or installer to sort it out. Keep these tips in mind when looking for a home solar panel system electrician.