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Reasons To Install An EV Home Charging Point

Electric cars have become popular in recent years since they are more eco-friendly and cost less to run. That's because the vehicles don't use fuel, which can be costly and releases toxic gas emissions such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. However, you need to charge your electric vehicle (EV) properly. Many car owners use public EV charging points, but having a charging point in your home is more beneficial. Here are the reasons why you should have an EV charger installed at your home.


A home EV charger can fully charge an empty car battery in a few hours. That's much quicker than charging from the power mains, which may take longer. Additionally, you avoid delays, like in the case of public charging points. Here, you may have to wait for other car owners to charge their vehicles first. This can be inconvenient, especially if you have a quick errand to run.


While you may think that EV charger installation is expensive, the process saves you money in the long term. Once your EV charger is operational, you can enjoy affordable charging costs. Charging your electric vehicle at home is much cheaper than paying for charging services at public charging points, which charge an hourly rate. However, the amount of power depends on the capacity of your vehicle. Additionally, be responsible and ensure that you don't overcharge your car or leave your charging point on to avoid power wastage.


An EV charger offers convenience, as you have control over charging your car. Finding reliable electric car charging areas can be challenging, and if you don't arrive early at the charging area, you may wait for hours before you can charge your car. In contrast, you can plug your car in at the charging point whenever you want if you have a home EV charger.

Protects Your Battery's Life

A home EV charger can improve your battery's lifespan. In some cases, you may charge your battery a few minutes when in a public charging area, leaving your battery with minimal charge. As a result, you may have to keep charging the battery repeatedly, affecting your battery's lifespan. You should charge your battery to near full capacity or until fully charged, and that is easily possible if you use a home EV charger.

An EV charger installation is fast, convenient, affordable, and can prolong your battery's lifespan. Consider having an electrician install an EV charger in your home for these reasons. Contact a company like Shocking Difference LLC to learn more.