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Make Your Family Room Extra Cozy With An Electrician's Help

When you move into a house with a living room and a family room, you might want to make the family room extra comfortable and cozy. The living room can function as a space for guests, while you can treat the family room as a cozy retreat for your family to enjoy every day.

Currently, you may find that your furniture and decorations are not enough to make the family room feel cozy enough. An excellent plan is to hire an electrician who can work on several projects that will increase coziness, especially when strategically handling them.

Motorized Window Treatments

Whether your family room has a couple of windows or a ton of them, you may notice that opening and closing the treatments is a repetitive and time-consuming process. For instance, you might want to walk into the family room to start a movie, show, or video game right away.

Before starting, you will likely need to close all the window treatments throughout the room. Sometimes this may not even be enough because the treatments are not thick enough to block out sunlight. So, your smartphone, tablet, and television may have glare issues.

An electrician can install motorized window treatments throughout the living room. You can get ones with smart home functionality or a remote control. These features will allow you to open and close the treatments from the control or your smartphone. Put a smart hub in the family room, and then all you need to do is give a verbal command for the treatments to close.

This addition will minimize the time it takes to prepare the family room, whether you are closing or opening the treatments.

Electric Fireplace

An electric fireplace is an incredible addition to your family room, especially when you live in a climate with cold or freezing autumns and winters. For instance, you can confidently use an electric fireplace for most of the autumn and all of winter in a cold climate. The electric feature allows an electrician to install one, and you do not need to worry about building a chimney.

Ideally, you want to consider the fireplace design, shape, dimensions, and flame design to choose one your family will love. Then you can look forward to the incredible ambiance that the fireplace brings to the family room, whether you are using it or just enjoying its presence.

Hire an electrician to boost your family room's coziness with these projects.