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3 Sure Fire Signs You Are In Need Of An Electrical Contractor

Electrical systems are designed so that they are safely tucked away where nothing can accidentally damage the potentially dangerous wires. The problem with this is, that while hiding electrical wires helps to keep them safe, it also leads to people forgetting about them until there is a major issue with their electrical system or their home catches fire. The good news is, you do not need to wait until something bad happens to address issues with your electrical system. This is because while you may not be able to see all the components of your electrical system, there are warning signs that you can see which will tell you when it is time to call an electrician. Continue reading to learn more about three of these warning signs. 

1: The Lights Dim When You Turn On Appliances

Do the lights in your home visibly dim when you turn on your television, air conditioner, or microwave? If so, this is a sure-fire sign that your current electrical system does not offer enough voltage to keep up with the demand for power in your home. While temporarily dimmed lights may not seem like a big deal, the fact is that an outdated electrical system can significantly increase the risk of an electrical fire in your home. Consequently, this warning sign should not be ignored. 

2: Your Circuit Breaker Needs To Be Reset Often

It is quite normal for circuit breakers to trip from time to time. Consequently, needing to reset your breaker every now and then does not warrant a service call. However, if you are resetting your breaker on a regular basis, this could mean that your electrical system is either insufficient for your needs or is experiencing power surges which must also be addressed. With the help of an electrical contractor, you will be able to find the source of the problem and perform the necessary repairs or upgrades. 

3: You Require Adapters In Order To Plug In Items With A Third Prong

Electrical outlets that only accommodate plugs with two prongs are more than just an inconvenience. This type of outlet is actually outdated and can be potentially dangerous. This is because the third prong that is present on many larger electrical items is actually there in order to ground the electrical current. If your outlets are not grounded, you will not be able to plug in items with a third prong without using an adapter. The problem with this is that outlet adapters do not actually change the type of outlet you have. Instead, they simply provide somewhere for the third prong on your electrical plug to go. If the outlets in your home are not grounded, you should contact an electrical contractor to have your outlets upgraded in order to reduce your risk of an electrical fire. 

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