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3 Signs Of Bad Wiring In Your Home

Proper electrical wiring will ensure your system can handle the electric current without problems. Such problems include the loose connection of wires leading to an inconsistent flow of electricity. Poor electricity flow makes your system susceptible to short circuits, which can trigger a fire or fatal electrocution.

Poor wiring can also expose your wires to contact with water, especially in areas such as the bathroom or the kitchen. This anomaly can put you at risk of shocks. Here are signs that you need to seek wiring services from an experienced electrician.

Tripping Circuit Breakers

If your circuit breakers are frequently tripping, that's a symptom of an underlying electrical fault in your system. The first culprit is overloading. Overloading happens when you use appliances that consume more energy than your system can handle. This issue can also be due to using too many appliances that strain your system beyond its threshold. 

Excessive overload will cause overheating, which can trigger a fire. The other likely reason for tripping breakers is short circuits. Electricity usually follows the path of least resistance. Hence, when there's an interference in your system that provides a short path, electric current will flow through it. For instance, loose connections can cause two wires to touch each other and generate a short circuit.

With time, your wiring will age due to wear and tear. The outer insulation coating on the wires can chip away and leave them naked. The frayed wires can easily come into contact with each other, leading to a short circuit. Besides, old cables may not be able to withstand modern electrical equipment demands. Hence, the wire can overheat and trigger a fire hazard.

Strange Odors

A burning odor in your home can be due to many factors. However, you should exercise caution and ascertain whether the odor is due to an electrical malfunction. The odor could be due to overheating electrical devices. Overheating can be caused by damaged wires that can't properly conduct electricity.

The wires could also have been poorly installed. For instance, there could be loose connections in the electrical box. This issue will lead to a poor and uneven flow of electricity in the wires. Hence, some wires may experience excessive voltage, leading to overheating.

Flickering Lights

Flickering lights could be due to poor or old wiring. This anomaly will create a gap in the circuit, leading to inconsistent current flow. The current will struggle to cross the gap, forcing it to follow a different path of least resistance, leading to a short circuit.

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