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3 Important Reasons to Request a New Panel Installation from an Electrician

The average homeowner likely does not think about their electric panel. This can lead to potential dangers, as outdated panels pose several threats. They can damage electronics and appliances, which will cause them to stop working prematurely. Safety can be compromised if they cause an electrical fire.

Fortunately, routine electrical system inspections can help to identify outdated wiring and equipment in a home. However, many homeowners do not request them. Overwhelmed electrical systems usually show signs such as frequent circuit breaker trips or dimming lights. The following points identify key reasons to get a new panel installation.

Older Home

One important thing for homeowners to note is the age of their current electrical panel. Some homes have the original panel boxes installed, and they are decades old. These homes were built at a time when electrical demands were significantly lower than the average household uses today. Surprisingly, some older homes still have fuse boxes installed. This is a telltale sign that a new panel installation is needed. 

New Major Appliances

Individuals who purchase new appliances need to seek the services of an electrician to ensure that their panels can handle the increased energy load. Panels need to be capable of handling the energy consumption of a home. Otherwise, there is a risk of the appliances getting damaged. The cause of the damages could result in the warranty on them being voided. This is an unnecessary inconvenience.  

Obvious Signs of an Outdated Electrical System

Individuals can take time to observe their surroundings and determine if other elements of their electrical system show signs that they are outdated. Overuse of power strips is a sign that a home does not have adequate outlets, which means more electricity is being used than the system was designed to handle. The condition and type of outlets can also reveal clues. If there are several non-working outlets, an electrician can determine why. Old age is likely a factor. Outlets that are two-pronged are also likely outdated and may not be properly grounded, posing a fire risk.

Homeowners can choose from the most robust electric panels currently available. This can lead to it being a long time frame before another upgrade is needed. As technology advances, electrical demands to power new electronics and appliances is likely to increase. Investing in a panel that exceeds the current electrical demands could mean that a homeowner will not have to upgrade for many years.

An electrician is a good resource to use to learn more about the importance of having a panel that can handle the electrical demands of your household. They can help to assess potentially increased demands for power. If there is a possibility that home upgrades will be made, they can factor this into helping you choose the best panel installation option.

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