No More Sparks Flying

Residential Electrical Repairs: 3 Indications Your House Needs To Be Rewired

Unmaintained or outdated electrical systems can pose a serious threat to your home. They can cause fires, put your family at risk of electrocution, or damage your appliances. To be safe, you should ensure your house is wired correctly. Luckily, you can easily spot signs indicating you need rewiring and call an electrician before more damage is done. Here are three major indications that your home needs rewiring.

Flickering Lights

When lights flicker or dim, the electrical voltage in your home may be unstable. This may be caused by loose connections in the wiring and overloaded circuits due to plugging in many devices. If this problem isn't taken care of in time, it may lead to sparks that may damage the wiring over time. The best thing to do if you notice that your lights are flickering is to call a professional electrician. They'll investigate your circuits, determine if they're overloaded, and make the required repairs.

Strange Smells and Discoloration

There's a normal discoloration caused by dust build-up or age. But you should be concerned if you find black scorch marks around outlets, switches, or light fixtures. Mostly, this happens when wires overheat and melt the surrounding insulation. This is a huge fire hazard that needs to be addressed right away to keep your home safe. If you smell something burning but can't determine the source, call an electrician. They'll find the source of the smell and make the necessary repairs. If it's a result of electrical wiring damaged by heat, they'll replace it with a more efficient one. Depending on the severity of the issue, they may also replace the outlets and switches and inspect the surrounding area to ensure there isn't any other problem going unnoticed.

Breaker Tripping Frequently

When your home's breaker is faulty or overloaded, it will automatically trip. But if it's happening too often, it may be a sign that your electrical system can't handle the load. Your breaker could be tripping due to a faulty appliance or a wiring problem. A professional electrician can diagnose the issue and tell you whether you need to change the wiring. If your panel is outdated, they can get you a new one that can handle your home's current load.

If you are experiencing any of the three residential electrical repair problems, contact an electrician. They'll fix the troubles with minimal effort, restoring your system's functionality and keeping you and your family safe. Hire these professionals today to get started on your rewiring project.