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When Should You Call An Electrician To Replace Your Outlets?

Like most average homeowners, you probably don't think much about the electrical outlets unless you notice a problem. But, since you depend on these outlets to power every appliance and gadget in your home, you should be mindful of their condition and replace them after noticing some warning signs. This post will share these signs to help you know when to schedule an outlet replacement appointment with your electrician.

Some Outlets Aren't Working

Sometimes you might plug in a gadget or appliance and notice it isn't working. If you try another outlet and it works, you'll know that you have a problem that an electrical contractor should address. In most cases, a non-working outlet issue may not be isolated – it may affect other parts of the electrical system. 

For instance, you might notice that all the outlets in a room have stopped working in a short period. Consider calling an electrician to check the outlets if you don't have a tripped circuit or damaged fuse. They will use a tester to check if electricity is present. Once they confirm the outlets are dead, new ones will be installed.

You're Living in an Old Building

If your house was constructed several decades ago, you might still have the 2-prong outlets which aren't grounded. These outlets are dangerous because they can easily cause electrocution, shock, or electrical fires. They also tend to damage appliances quickly due to unpredictable surges.  Also, outlets used for decades will be worn out, leading to loose connections that affect their functionality and safety. So, it's better to upgrade the outlets to enhance safety. Your electrician services provider may also recommend upgrading the wiring to improve the electrical system's efficiency.

Some Outlets Are Lost or Cracked

You will jeopardize your safety when you insert a plug in a broken receptacle. An electric arc will be generated immediately after plugging in the appliance or gadget, which could electrocute or shock you. 

If this doesn't happen and you leave the device on, it may short out. Imagine being forced to replace an expensive gadget or endangering your life because you didn't replace the missing or damaged receptacles. 

So, when you notice an outlet is damaged or missing, call an electrician to replace it. This will keep your appliances and everyone in your home safe. You will also need the electrician's assistance if sparks, burn marks, or smoke comes out of the outlets. Turn off the power while waiting for the electrician to arrive to avoid fires.