No More Sparks Flying

Electrical Emergencies To Watch Out For At Your Restaurant

As a restaurant business owner, you are responsible for keeping your customers safe from any kind of danger. One of the most important areas to pay attention to is electrical safety. Whether it's faulty wiring or an appliance malfunction, a lack of proper maintenance can lead to serious electrical emergencies that can put lives in danger. 

Here are some common electrical emergencies you should be aware of and how to prevent them.

Outlets & Wiring Malfunctions

Outlet malfunctions are one of the most common causes of electrical fires. They often start due to faulty wiring, broken plugs, or overloaded circuits. Be sure to check all outlets frequently for signs of wear and tear and replace any that appear loose or burnt out. It might not always be easy to diagnose a wiring malfunction, so it's best to have an expert technician come in and inspect your outlets if you suspect any issues.

You should also check the wiring regularly to make sure there are no frayed or exposed wires that could create a spark or shock someone if they touched them. Some parts of the wiring system may be covered and hard to reach, especially if they're in the walls or floors, so it might be a good idea to call an electrician for an inspection.

Additionally, be sure to keep any appliances away from water, as this can cause an electric shock if someone touches them while they are wet. Restaurants often use commercial-grade appliances, which can draw more electricity than residential ones. Make sure the circuit breaker is able to handle the added load, and install surge protectors on all outlets to protect the wiring systems and outlets these appliances are connected to.

Appliance Malfunction

Another common electrical emergency is appliance malfunction. This can happen when an appliance is not maintained properly or is overused for too long without being serviced by a professional technician. Restaurant appliances often see a lot of use and require regular maintenance to keep them running safely.

Be sure to routinely inspect all appliances for signs of damage, such as cracked cords, burnt-out lightbulbs, or broken switches. If you notice any issues with your appliances, make sure you have them repaired by a professional immediately so that they don't become a hazard.

And if an appliance does malfunction, immediately unplug it to prevent any further damage. An emergency electrician should be able to inspect the appliance and determine what needs to be replaced or repaired to get it running again.

Contact a local 24/7 emergency electrician to learn more.